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The Great Newton Contest:
The Contest is over for this year.
Congrats Round 6
Prize of
Newton 2100 from JK Sales,
Josh Davis

TIP of The Month: I NEED BATTERIES (2x00)
Well the Fed-Ex Truck arrived you got that Newton from the e-bay auction in your dirty little hands :)
But the seller didnt send a battery ...ugh "What do I need and where do I find it?" You ask yourself.
First check for a battery tray. They are rare but give you the possibility of using Alkiline batteries. Or better yet. Rechargeable Batteries. BUT NEVER TRY TO RECHARGE BATTERIES IN THE NEWTON.
We can reccomend looking for a 2100 used battery. You may get lucky like we did with a unit from JKSalesInc.com Or buy a used battery and rebuild the unit. Here in my town we have a great shop, Batteries plus, who will rebuild the battery. New batteries and labour with a bit of sweet talk will cost under 30 bucks.
If you are adventurous and skilled with a soldering iron look at our links pages for Great Do-it yourself directions on rebuilding the battery unit.
Updated this month?
There are a few new links on the SOn of Ultimate Newton Pages. and the contest is over. We regret that due to a family household moving the last week we are not updating much else. But PROMISE to be back as usual in April.
Anthony Velasco has arranged with Tactle Software to make their titles available for sale. They are Now available!!
A small percentage of sales will help support This Old Newt's server costs and keep us online.

Newtie Award WINNERS
Victor Rehorst is a Bridesmaid again:)
See who was selected as the best of the best in Newtonia 2002
Newtie Awards Page

Thanks to Ian Goss of Vivid Media for the New snappy logo!

New Broke Burke Backdrop
An adult only image for Avi's Backdrop now available on our software page.
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Visit our links pages ( the Son of Ultimate Newton Links Collection.) . Users can now RATE their favorite sites. Visit there often to find what you need. Rating your favorite sites will also help point out the best resources to Newbies and possibly old Newt users. Check it out here
J&K Sales 
Newtons, Accessories and parts
Please support our sponsors and help continue Newton Development!
We thank these sponsors who have donated prizes.

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The basic and necessary Packages for a new "used " Newton Owner are here. If you are a new Newton owner this is a must for you. ( My personal Pkgs also are kept here ta boot !)


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PDA Friendly Web Links:
Links to News, Sports and other Internet fun at low graphic and text only sites. Good for Newtons, Palms, and Wince too

Newton Community FAQ:
Updated Mirrored here at TON. Everything you ever wanted to know about a Newton. A must for Newton Newbies. NEWTON FAQ FAQ IN NEWT PKG

Fix its, hacks and resources for maintaining and keeping your Newton running fine. Directions for creating your own accessories are here also. Dial in scripts for popular Internet providers. Where t find parts and list of stuff Apple still repairs and provides. Always looking for reader input! Have fun with this months updates.

Newt books for you to download. Links to purchase books about Newton from Amazon.com. (helps support TON)


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